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PUMA English Championship Results 2022

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Held near Bristol on the 18th July, Worcestershire Martial Arts participants had a very successful day!


Ms. Gleaves: 4th degree + patterns, hand technique power breaking and foot technique power breaking

Adam Monks: 3rd degree patterns

Hannah Blake: Hand Technique Power Breaking

Robert Vizitiu: Sparring

Aidan ÓhAodha: High kick and sparring


Luke Holland-Bowyer: Sparring

Valentin Vizitiu: Patterns


Luke Holland-Bowyer: Patterns

Hannah Blake: Patterns and sparring

Rois Perkins: Patterns and sparring

Valentin Vizitiu: Sparring

Aidan ÓhAodha: Patterns

17 medals from 8 competitors!


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