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EMAP Open Championship Results!

Another fantastic performace from #TeamWMA

🥇 15 Gold

🥈 12 Silver

🥉 6 Bronze

Sally Gleaves - Gold Patterns

Amy Pullen - Bronze Patterns & Sparring

Luke Holland-Bowyer - Gold Patterns, Sparring, High Kick & Long Kick

Greta Greiciute - Silver Patterns & Sparring

Kieran Hodgson - Gold Patterns

George Scott - Gold Sparring

Kirsty Leanne Denslow - Gold Patterns

Finley Jones - Silver Sparring

Macey-Jane Semini - Silver Patterns & Sparring

Holly Hulston - Gold Patterns & Sparring

Valentin Vizitiu - Gold Sparring, High Kick & Silver Patterns

Robert Vizitiu- Gold Sparring

Zaria Fudger - Gold Patterns & Silver Sparring

Gianluca Fudger - Silver Sparring & Bronze Patterns

Mike Fudger - Silver Sparring

Rois Perkins - Bronze Sparring & Patterns

Nic England - Gold Sparring & Silver Patterns

Theo Dixon-England - Silver Patterns & Sparring

Pippa Jones - Bronze Sparring

Claire Solman - No medals this time but did her very first competition!

A big shout out to our amazing sponsors! The Big Badge Theory Momentum Consultancy Group


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