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BTF English Championships Results

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Held in Hereford, Worcestershire Martial Arts students won a very solid amount of medals!

Sally Gleaves - Silver Patterns

Adam Monks - Silver Patterns

Owen Oxborough - Bronze Patterns & Silver Sparring

Hannah Blake - Silver Patterns & Sparring

Luke Holland-Bowyer - Gold Patterns & power, and Bronze Sparring

Rois Perkins - Gold Sparring

Macey-Jane Semini - Bronze Patterns & Sparring

Zaria Fudger - Gold Sparring & Silver Patterns

Mike Fudger - Bronze Patterns & Sparring

Valentin Vizitiu - Gold Patterns, Sparring and Power

Robert Vizitiu- Gold Sparring & Power, and Silver Patterns

Abigail Aimer - Gold Patterns

Amanda Best - Bronze Patterns

Matrix Struthers - Gold Patterns, Sparring & Power

Tom Meynell - Gold in Sparring & Patterns

Seb Hodgetts - Silver in sparring

Nick Subik & Harry Stanley - no medals this time, but for their first ever competition they gave an incredible performance!

From 18 competitors we came away with 30 medals:





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