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International Women’s Day 2019

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

“One of my most fulfilling journeys in life has been to empower, instruct and inspire other women to take up and achieve in martial arts.” Sally Gleaves, 5th Dan | Director

Outwardly, martial arts seems to be very male dominated, something that girls young and not so young are cautious to get involved with.

Times are changing

It is delightful to see that after many years of being involved in martial arts, more females than ever are opting to take it up. Many women who have participated in martial arts will tell stories of the struggles they have faced keeping up with the men.

Of course our bodies are different, both strength wise and hormonally….  but let's be brutally honest here, we have never seen any of these differences hold our women back. If a class is taught right by a good instructor who knows how to differentiate, if good values and respect are instructed and demonstrated as of day one, there should be nothing to fear as a woman training with men!

Your martial arts journey is entirely your own, and as women it can be a very rewarding one, from gaining confidence to winning medals there is something for everyone at a martial arts class.

Luckily for us here at Worcestershire Martial Arts, male dominated classes are not a massive issue, we have so many female students in our classes that you are never short of another female to partner, however you are also actively encouraged to partner the men too. We have females as part of our instructing team, the entire organisation has been founded by a female instructor! What’s stopping you from taking up martial arts? The answer should be… nothing.


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