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Awards Evening 2014

This years Worcester award winners are  Alice Laverty - Student of the Year 2014 William Tinsley - Senior Competitor of the Year 2014 Katie Newton - Junior Competitor of the Year 2014 Emily Lamidieu - Most Improved Student 2014

This year has been a turbulent year at Droitwich Taekwon-Do after a few club setbacks and eventual take over by new management the students were feeling a little low morale wise. However since new management has taken over the school and its morale has really turned upwards, to mark the end of this year on a high note, the school has awarded its yearly awards. On the 12th December at our year Christmas party (held in Worcester with our Worcester School) the special awards were awarded to the students the school felt had achieved amazingly well this year. The first award was presented to Phoebe Mace (Chan); Phoebe who is 9 years old was awarded Competitor of the Year 2014 due to her outstanding achievement on the competition scene this year! She has won multiple medals (mainly golds and silvers) at each event she has attended and has been admired by competitors and audience alike! The second award was presented to Robert Clark, Robert was awarded Most Improved Student of the Year 2014 due to his steady improvement over the year, he has achieved his first belt with flying colours, persevered through injuries, increased his fitness and set an amazing example to the rest of the students including his young daughter Ellie. The final award was presented to Amy Pullen, 8 years old was awarded Student of the Year 2014 due to her amazing attitude, perseverance and presence at the school, and she has amazing attendance and sets a good example to the rest of the students. She has performed well in her grading and regularly helps and coaches other students during lessons time!


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