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Christmas Party and Annual Awards 2023

The holiday spirit was in full swing at the Worcestershire Martial Arts Christmas Party and Annual Awards Evening. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us for this special occasion, and a special shout-out to Tracey for keeping the beats alive as our DJ.

🏆 Jamie Bailey - Tiny Kwon-Do Best Effort 2023

Tiny Kwon-Do enthusiasts witnessed Jamie Bailey's exceptional dedication, earning him the Best Effort award for 2023.

🏆 Ben Starkey - Tiny Kwon-Do (10 & under) Competitor of the Year 2023

In the realm of youthful martial arts prowess, Ben Starkey stood out as the top competitor, clinching the coveted award for 2023.

🏆 Macey-Jane Semini - Junior Competitor of the Year 2023

Macey-Jane Semini showcased unparalleled skills, securing her title as the Junior Competitor of the Year for 2023.

🏆 Valentin Vizitiu - Adult Competitor of the Year 2023

The adult division witnessed fierce competition, and Valentin Vizitiu emerged victorious as the Competitor of the Year for 2023.

🏆 Lorna Morris - Most Improved Student 2023

Lorna one of our ladies only kick-boxers has made significant progress in her technique this year, a testament to dedication and progress.

🏆 Lisa Perkins - Instructor of the Year 2023

In recognition of outstanding guidance and leadership, Lisa Perkins was crowned Instructor of the Year for 2023.

🏆 Jacob Bateman - Student of the Year 2023

Jacob Bateman's commitment to martial arts excellence earned him the prestigious title of Student of the Year for 2023.

Indomitable Spirit Award

Zach Farr and Izzy Evans demonstrated unwavering spirit, earning the Indomitable Spirit Award.

A heartfelt thank you extends to our junior instructors - Macey-Jane Semini, Róis Perkins, Zaria Fudger, Matrix Struthers, and Harry Stanley. Their instrumental contributions ensured the success of our sessions throughout the year.

As we reflect on 2023, let's celebrate the accomplishments, dedication, and indomitable spirits that make Worcestershire Martial Arts a thriving community. Here's to another year of growth, camaraderie, and martial arts excellence!


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