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8th ITF World Cup Results 2022

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

A big congratulations to the team who travelled to Slovenia to take part in the 8th ITF World Cup, especially to Robert and Valentin Vizitiu who brought back two bronzes and a silver between them! Colour Belt Results: Robert took Bronze in Patterns Valentin took Bronze in Sparring and Silver in Patterns Macey achieved 5th in Sparring and 9th in Patterns (which is essentially 4th and 8th as the results run in odd numbers due to joint 3rd place positions) Black Belt Results: Black belt categories are very challenging, in the mix could be a World or European champion or a 6th Dan alongside black belts who have just been promoted to 1st Dan with no international competition experience. The category sizes are normally large 40-50 competitors. Success at international level competition takes a lot of hard work and dedication across all grades, but especially for Dan grades, our team worked hard and a majority of the team have never competed at the international level before. Our black belts gave very good performances and hopefully learned a few new things, but on this occasion were not successful in medalling.


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