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24 Hours of Martial Arts

Updated: May 21, 2019

This years’ charity fundraising event will be our biggest yet! As a club we will collectively be completing 24 hours of martial arts fundraising for Survivors Club Worcester.

Starting at midday on 15th June and ending 24 hours later, the event will be split in to hourly shifts, containing the following challenges:

  • Cycling the length of the Korean Wall (250km)

  • Rowing lake Chon-Ji

  • A boot camp challenge

  • High kick challenge

  • 1955 burpees

  • 3333 meters of lunges, pump kicks, turning kicks, and more!

As well as traditional patterns, pad work and sparring sessions!

We're not only doing Taekwon-Do sessions, we're also doing Kickboxing, Boxercise, Judo, Tetsudo and Wing Chun!

Support the event by donating at the following link:

We will be running a charity bake sale / tuck shop selling sweets, cakes and fruit during the event, with all money raised going to Survivors Club.

This is our biggest fundraising event yet and it may feel daunting, but it will also be lots of fun! Let’s work hard and raise lots of money for a truly fantastic cause!


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