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If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Much of the time when beginners look to join a martial arts class, they are put off by the price of the classes, or search for cheaper option. Cheaper is not always better, but over priced and franchised is not always the quality you expect either - so what are you paying for?

Instructor Experience

It’s sad but true, the martial arts industry is full of people claiming to be experienced instructors, a good instructor should be completely transparent about their experience, qualifications and training history. Quality instructors have devoted hours of time and money to their continued professional development. Instructors need to be qualified and experienced in lesson planning, linking sessions, SMART goal setting and have the ability to deliver classes in a concise and engaging way. None of this professional development comes cheap but it is all for the benefit of their students, quite simply if you want the best instruction & get what you pay for.

Instructor Minimum Standards

Any coach or instructor should be following a set of minimum standards outlined by their National Governing Body, for example, Worcestershire Martial Arts instructors have the appropriate level teaching/coaching qualification (minimum of Level 2), a highly competent skill set i.e. senior graded/experienced martial artist, public liability insurance, first aid training, a DBS check in place and are trained in safeguarding. These qualifications and checks take time, dedication and money. You are paying for safe training from fully qualified instructors.

Quality Venues

Hiring out a quality venue doesn't come cheap, where martial arts are concerned a safe and bright training space is paramount to students having an enjoyable experience during their training. would you prefer to be barefoot on a floor covered in debris and glass or a room with a polished sprung wooden floor or floor mats?

Instructors have a duty of care for their students, a good instructor takes a great amount of care to make sure their students are covered by the correct insurances, they are safe while at class by conducting healthy & safety and risk assessments and most importantly they are responsible for safeguarding!

High Quality & Safety Checked Equipment

A good instructor wants their students to have the best experience in their classes! High quality and varied training equipment are expensive. Equipment allows instructors to be more innovative about their lesson planning and the students benefit from modern training techniques while keeping the ethos of traditional martial arts. Equipment wears out, and needs to be replaced, instructors take time to keep their equipment in safe order and constantly replace bits that are unsafe to use, this comes at a cost - students respond better to good quality equipment - quality you pay for.



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