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EMAP Open Championships Results

Updated: May 12, 2019

#TeamWMA attended the EMAP Open Championships in Swindon on the 30th March! Every competitor came away with a medal!


Valentin Vizitiu - sparring and patterns

Kieran Hodgson - sparring and patterns

Kirsty Denslow - sparring and patterns

Tom Weeks - sparring

Lisa Perkins - sparring


Amy Pullen - sparring

Joe Mitchell - patterns

Jamie Haden - sparring

Greta Greiciute - sparring

Robert Vizitiu - sparring

Junko Steptoe - sparring

Alun Lewis - sparring

Lisa Perkins - patterns


Sarah Lewis - sparring and patterns

Lizzy Haden - sparring and patterns

Joe Mitchell - sparring

Zaria Fudger - patterns

Charlotte Harris - patterns

Joseph Harris - partterns

Junko Steptoe - patterns

Greta Greiciute - patterns

Alun Lewis - patterns


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