Tiny Kwon-Do™


What is Tiny Kwon-Do?

Worcestershire Martial Arts kids classes are one of the best activities and most important activities that you can give your child. Our syllabus for 6-8 year olds has been expertly coordinated to build and develop the specific needs that young children need to lead a healthy and safe life and our classes are taught using the most safe and exciting instruction methods available.

What Will They Learn?

Anti-Bullying & Self-Defence

It is important for children to be able to defend themselves and to avoid being bullied at school, therefore in our kid’s martial arts classes we include forms of self defence. However, we do not teach your child how to be aggressive, our classes teach children traditional martial arts values, such as respect for oneself and others.

Life Skills & Foundation Martial Arts

Worcestershire Martial Arts recognise that a good base in martial arts training can massively enhance children’s experiences of life in many areas which will last well into adulthood. We are committed to providing an outstanding experience of martial arts that your child could wish for. The classes are packed with exercises to ensure that your child gets the best of martial arts and increase their life skills, as well as building areas such as discipline, focus, self-control, fitness, confidence, perseverance and many other areas.

Focus & Discipline

We instill a sense of discipline in our kids' martial arts classes, which means your child will quickly develop more focus and confidence, therefore, you will see great improvements in their concentration levels and from this it is proven that children who participate in martial arts achieve more at school.

Safety First

All the benefits outlined above with the knowledge that our program is EXTREMELY safe. Martial arts have fewer injuries a year than for example horseriding because our syllabus and venue are designed with safety in mind.

Fitness Through Fun

In a world of accessible technology… it’s getting harder and harder for kids to get exercise. Martial arts will keep them fit and healthy… while developing many skills. Firstly, we make sure that our kid’s classes are FUN and energetic!!!! As trained educational teachers we like our kids to enjoy what they are learning but also with added functional skills underpinning the syllabus. Our classes are always fast paced and pack full of all the exciting martial arts moves, just think Karate Kid! We focus a lot on partner work to help your kids learn, interact and socialise with other children, which is especially important if they are going to develop into successful and confident adults. A positive class where your kids will burn off some energy!

Important Info for Parents

Worcestershire Martial Arts makes a positive contribution to a strong and safe community and recognises the right of every individual to stay safe. Our safeguarding lead and welfare officer is Sally Gleaves You can view our policies by following these links: Worcestershire Martial Arts Child Protection Policy Worcestershire Martial Arts Safeguarding Policy Worcestershire Martial Arts Photography Policy