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Tryangle Award 2020 - Greta Greiciute

A big congratulations to Greta who was awarded a Tryangle Award for her commitment and participation in sport. Hosted and awarded by Young Solutions Worcestershire.

Greta is an inspiring young lady, she has truly transformed herself through studying Taekwon-Do. She came to us as a bright but very shy and anxious person and has faced every challenge, every belt and every competition with such bravery.

She has been training with us now for around 2 years and has been regularly competing with us. Over the last two years she has won multiple medals including several British champion titles in both sparring and patterns. It has been fantastic watching her confidence grow and the number of medals increasing!

Previously quite shy, she has found her voice and is now occasionally coaching the lower grades students and beginners. She inspires a number of the younger girls at our school.

She has shown that even the shyest person can become strong, rise to their own challenges and achieve their goals! She is a fantastic role model!

Learn more about the awards here


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