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LTSI English Open Championship Results

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Our biggest medal tally this year, 32 medals was won by #TeamWMA at the LTSI English Open Championships on the 6th October 2019! We were also awarded the Best School trophy due to the collective winnings of our team!

🥇9 Gold

🥈11 Silver

🥉12 Bronze


Sally Gleaves - Patterns

Luke Holland-Bowyer - Patterns

Rois Perkins - Sparring & Special Technique

Valentin Vizitiu - Sparring

Robert Vizitiu - Sparring

Macey-Jane Semini - Patterns

Holly Hulston - Patterns & Sparring


Adam Monks - Patterns

Amy Pullen - Team Patterns

Kieran Hodgson - Team Patterns

Greta Greiciute - Team Patterns

Kirsty Denslow - Sparring, Individual Patterns & Team Patterns

Junko Steptoe - Sparring

Macey-Jane Semini - Sparring

Gianluca Fudger - Patterns

Holly Hulston - Team Patterns


Jamie Haden - Sparring

Luke Holland-Bowyer - Sparring

Kieran Hodgson - Sparring

Greta Greiciute - Patterns

Finley Jones - Sparring & Team Patterns

Macey-Jane Semini - Team Patterns

Rois Perkins - Team Patterns

Mike Fudger - Patterns

Zaria Fudger - Team Patterns

Robert Vizitiu - Team Pattners

Pippa Jones - Sparring

Proudly sponsored by Momentum Consultancy Group & The Big Badge Theory, find out more about our sponsors by visiting their Facebook pages🏆

Mr Adam Monks and Ms Gleaves being awarded the Best School trophy

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Membro desconhecido
07 de out. de 2019

Hi Ma'am, Amy and Holly also got silver in the Team Pattern but I think they've accidentally been missed off the list? How amazing that we got 30 medals!!

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